Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In honor of the first anniversary of my blog, I'm going to post the following since Laura said that it was her favorite post of mine AND Laura is the one who got me started blogging. If you haven't already, check out her blog A Piece of Cake.

A Good Man is Hard to Find (March 3, 2009)

Henry is my oldest boy and sort of my oldest child given that Sophie isn't really "older" than he in anything but age. Sophie will be fourteen this week -- good Lord -- so today Henry and I went shopping for a present to give her. From him. Henry's relationship to Sophie is something to marvel. While he goes through long periods when he doesn't pay much attention to her (normal, I suppose for a ten year old boy with a sister), he never fails to greet her in the morning and say good-night to her before bed. Henry has a sunny disposition -- really, there's no better word to describe him. He was born filled with joy and hope and, well, sun. He has a broad, freckled face and a broad, easy smile. He wishes on dandelions and birthday candles that Sophie could talk. He throws pennies into fountains and wishes that Sophie could talk. When he went to Catholic school, he prayed that she would talk. I'm certain that when he prays for her now, he prays that she would talk.

But back to shopping for Sophie's birthday present. We found a thin little necklace, a strand of pink string with a tiny angel bust at the center made of gold. It was a "wish necklace," meant to be wished upon and worn until it wears out.

Henry said How can Sophie wish for something when she doesn't talk?

I said You can help her to wish for something.

He said I'm going to wish that she could talk.

Of course.

Later, riding home from basketball practice, he showed me that he has a loose tooth. He hasn't had a loose tooth in a long time and felt pretty excited about it. I asked him whether he hoped the tooth fairy would come when it fell out, but I said it sort of jokingly, assuming that he still didn't believe in such things. (I mean, really, how do they believe in a tooth fairy to begin with?). Henry then told me that he didn't think there was a tooth fairy and that I put money under their pillows when they lost a tooth. I didn't say anything but smiled. He looked over at me and said, "Do you?"

I guess this conversation all leads up to the incredible innocence that just about breaks my heart. As he walked from the bathroom to his bedroom, his hair wet from the shower, his legs long under his tee-shirt, he said good-night to me and gave me a kiss.

Has there ever been anyone who had seizures and talked? he asked. Or wait, has there ever been anyone who stopped having seizures and didn't talk?

Breaks my heart but in the good way -- breaks it to bursting.


  1. Happy Blogversary, and what a boy...

  2. I love this post - and the love in many many layers revealed in it.

  3. Yes. Happy Blogaversary and what a wonderful post to repost about such a beautiful boy.

  4. what a blessing he is.

    happy first year elizabeth. i'm so glad to have your words with which to sit.

  5. Elizabeth he is beautiful. Not only beautiful looking, but beautiful like the sun.

    I love your family so much it is ridiculous.

    I wish and prayer for the seizures to stop and for the boys to hear their sister talk (there is always that hope in all of us).

    This is a beautiful post and congrats on your year.

    No I wish you were Canadian and you could live beside me and we could sit and have tea.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. Happy Blogversary! And that son of yours is a little gem.

  7. your son is a honey. you are so fortunate to have a love like that. i'm crying. life is so full of many layers.

  8. i remember this post:)... happy one year! besos-jane

  9. I wish i could write in swedish...what a great family

  10. Such a lovely soul, he has. Special boy. You're lucky to have him. Sophie too.

  11. THANK YOU!!!!!!
    love that boy...head lice and all....

  12. Tell him that some of the most beautiful things are silent such as butterflies, leaves, rain drops while falling, his sister, because words are not necessary when you are a gift to others.

    So, did you? Leave something under his pillow I mean. He is lovely, then again all of them are. And there is no need for words, they just are.

    Happy Blogversary, guess what?
    A blog peep pointed out to me that I went right through the 100th post and I didn't even noticed it. Getting old is not for sissies, Bette was right.

    Happy Birthday Sophie, you are beautiful and I am sure you understand in your heart how much happiness I wish for you.
    Without words.

  13. happy happy blogaversary my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I'm still getting caught up with the posts I missed. I didn't miss that one and was happy to read it again.
    Happy belated Blogaversary!



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