Friday, June 26, 2009

Gotta Love This Life

Oliver is at Cub Scout camp, and the theme is Native American Pow Wow 2009. Oliver is fierce and defiant, characteristics that I've talked about before, and he's also funny as hell. He does love a uniform, though, and all the order that goes with it. Here he's wearing a traditional bone breastplate and, as you can see, he is thrilled.

Henry, on the other hand, is hanging out with me at home. He's enjoying his week without his little brother, I think, and all the drama that he brings. Henry is instinctually averse to anything with a uniform (much like me and his father). And he doesn't particularly love authority or conformity, either, but maintains a basic sweetness and ease in the world that is enviable.

They're both wonderful boys -- really, really wonderful.

Yesterday, Oliver was helping me to situate Sophie in her stroller. She had just had a seizure and I asked him to pick her foot up and put it on the footplate. He did this to both her legs and sang this song while he did it:

Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a heater
Accidentally turned it on
And barbecued his weiner.

Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a pony
Stuck a feather up his butt
And called it macaroni.

Gotta love this life, is what I thought.


  1. My eyes are watering I am laughing so hard...what great kids you have.

  2. Hmmm. I seem to remember that from my own childhood.

  3. Got to!
    And what a cute kid Oliver is. His enthusiasm is leaking from him.

  4. Too funny! What a cute photo and a neat observation about the boys' differences regarding uniforms. Lovin the breastplate. I'm into things Native American these days.
    you had asked me in a prior comment where I grew up--I lived in Cali from age 4 till 20 (but away in Texas ages 7 and 8) so I never was there supporting myself. I lived in many apts/houses as my single mom made her way up: Mar Vista, Santa Monica on 10th St. and Montana Ave (back when it was nothing), and Brentwood. Went to school one year at Loyola Marymount and one year at Cal State Northridge before moving to FL (Univ of FL) and been in GA for over 20 years. I love hearing about Cali and next year's vacation will be to bring the family there (boys have never been ther). Sorry so long!!

  5. LMAO!!!!! You just can't make that stuff UP?!?! :)

  6. I came in from Erin's blog, womaninawindow, intrigued by the title. I'm glad I dropped in to meet you and your family. Besides,we are both Angelenas.

  7. Dear Elizabeth,

    May I please borrow Oliver for say...a couple of years? It would make the coming dark time so much lighter and filled with laughter.
    I wonder if I could get away singing that in a couple of weeks while at St Vincent's? Love Henry as well, two sides of a lovable coin, valuable and obviously much loved.

  8. Too funny!
    Gotta love a boy in a uniform made from some sort of unknown animal bones too :)
    very lord of the flies :)

  9. That song was completely unexpected, so funny!
    What a sweet picture.

  10. lol! that just made my blog reading day. i'll stop for now, nothing can top this :)



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