Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I rarely write about The Husband, mainly because the blog isn't about him. I respect his privacy and the gnarly nature of marriage. I always feel that there's enough buzzing around in my own head without delving into his, or our's together!

But it's Father's Day, and he's one hell of a father. He's my partner in this whole she-bang and a steady one at that. He's the hardest working father I know and maybe the most stubborn. A long time ago, when I was freaking out about Sophie in one way or another he said, "You know, we just have to worry about giving her a happy life."

He's done that for all of us.

Happy Father's Day to him and to all you fathers out there.

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UPDATE: I forgot to let you know that today's the day for my post over at Hopeful Parents. Click HERE and read more about THE FATHER.


  1. I'm glad to have a glimpse into the father of your operation. A great tribute to what seems like a wonderful Dad. I'm glad you all have him :)

  2. Those are such nice pictures! I'm sure he won't mind being called out in such a sweet post.

  3. What a good dad. Really. Lucky, you all.

  4. Rock on Dad!! Love the family pictures. :)

  5. Elizabeth this is the loveliest post ever. Hands down.

    'We just have to worry about giving her a happy life.' totally broke me up. Because it is exactly right. I love how he took all of the shit out of it and just laid it on the line. And he's right.

    He is handsome and the kids are gorgeous.

    The dream posts dear friend. I was shown as a young girl how to read tea leaves and tarot cards by my grandmother who learned from her great aunt from France (my grandmother was born in France).

    Anyway, as a young adult I would do dream interpretations, I think, kinda based like in the theme of the tarot. I don't even really know how I ever learnt them, but I just kind say what I feel when I either dream them or what I think of them when I see the picture. I am sure I am totally wrong or off compared to dream books, but that is okay. It is all for fun.

    p.s. I love the picture of the kids on the beach.

    Love Renee xoxox

  6. This is so lovely. It's wonderful to see his photos, in action, with the children. It's lovely to read what you have to say about him, though I understand what you mean about his privacy. You're so right; this is your blog, and it's not really about him. (Gregg is very private, too.) Yet, some of what pertains to you also pertains to him, and I love knowing a little bit more about the "other half." I love his way of looking at what Sophie needs.

    I was wondering how I missed this, and saw the date. We were in Europe, that's how. It's so good that you link at the bottom of your postings, so I found this! Thank you!



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